Handy is the acknowledged market leader specialising in the supply of components mainly to Bed and Furniture manufacturers, and also serving a wide variety of other industries.

Handy is primarily a service company priding ourselves in consistently providing a first-class service to our customers. We are very conscious that the reliable supply of components is essential for our manufacturing clients to support their production processes, and we always work closely with customers to deliver on time.

We have gained the trust and custom of our clients by only working with professional and quality manufacturing partners. The products that we supply are tried and proven within their assigned industries. Our production base is highly selective and we enjoy excellent relationships with all our suppliers.

It is from these solid foundations that Handy has developed over the past twenty-five years to become a leading supplier to the Bedding, Upholstery, Furniture, Foam Conversion, Automotive and Aerospace Industries.


Bespoke Product Development
Developing specific products to individual customer requirements has been a cornerstone of the company’s growth. In addition to our team of European and U.S. based manufacturing partners we have built unique relationships with a tight group of Far Eastern manufacturers. As a consequence, we can offer economic product design, development and tooling ultimately leading to a high quality end product which we will also stock hold in the UK and deliver as our customer requires. Some of the manufacturing processes that we are constantly involved in include aluminium/zinc die casting, metal stamping and forming, plastic injection moulding, plastic extrusion, woven and knitted fabrics, wood forming etc. We look forward to being involved in your next product development project.

Button Covering Service
Handy Ltd are able to offer a covering service for customers in a variety of button styles/sizes in your chosen fabric.

Tufting Assembly Service
Handy Ltd are able to offer an assembly service for attaching Rosettes and Felt Washers to Long/Long Nylon Tapes which are used in mattress tufting.

Packaging Service
We regularly bulk pack groups of products to our customers specific requirements. All bespoke bagging is executed within our UK distribution centre using high density heat-sealed packaging.